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At Ladies on Edge, we don't just powder our faces in front of the mirror… we get face shots out in the Fernie Wilderness. 

Earlier this winter, the gals took a trip out to Fernie Wilderness Adventures (FWA) to go Cat Skiing - and the Griz turned it on. The snow storm we were all waiting for arrived, so we dusted off our snorkels. We got the boys to cover our shifts in the shop and tune our powder boards. 

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FWA is nestled in the powder highway. It is only a 20 minute drive from Fernie and is just south west of Fernie Alpine Resort. With over 5000+ acres of terrain and elevation over 7,150ft / 2170 meters you are sure to have a damn good time in untouched powder. The terrain ranges from valleys, ridges, cliffs to gladed trees. 

What is Cat Skiing? Think of It as a luxurious backcountry experience. Climbing up steep terrain in a warm snowcat, leaving personal items, valuable snacks and extra things in the snowcat while you ride down amazing backcountry terrain. There is no lugging extra weight on an uphill slog. The snowcat does the work, and all you have to do is hop in, hop out, ride down and get picked up by the cat. Then repeat, repeat some more and some more again. Sounds pretty good right?

fernie wilderness adventures cat skiing

How much does Cat Skiing cost? Well, it is cheaper than heliskiing. At FWA, for the 2024/2025 season you are looking at $650 - $750 + 5% tax per person/per day. So for a truly unique experience, with untouched powder, food and beverages, avalanche gear and 8 - 12 amazing runs. It’s not crazy. Rally up your crew and book it in

cat skiing fernie wilderness adventures canada

Safety is always a priority when going out in the backcountry. Before heading out on a cat skiing adventure, the group does an avalanche safety briefing with the guides teaching the guests how to use a transceiver, probe and shovel. FWA has avalanche mitigation strategies in place, and are always monitoring the conditions to ensure guests are only riding in low risk terrain. The lead guide navigates the line down the mountain with the tail guide ensuring the group gets down safely. 

Included in the package is nutritious hand -packed lunch - which they ask for your dietary requirements prior. Plus, to live your freeride world tour dreams they have amazing professional photographers capturing your experience, which you get to relive during apres.  

Sold on Cat Skiing in the Canadian Rockies yet?

fernie wilderness adventures cat skiing

Our experience was insane, each one of us shed a tear or two at the end of the day. We were so empowered by the experience and the cheer squad encouraging each other to try something new. The conditions of the snow was incredible, in some spots we were waist deep!. The lead guide got our vibe and took us to natural features perfect for hucking off and even cliff drops. The girls were really sending it! 

We highly recommend this experience - you don't have to be a super gnarly boarder or skier to go as the guides will take you to terrain to suit your riding ability. 

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 Photos by Jamie Inman Photo.

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